The Etoxis Campaign

Story so Far

Whats been happening lately

The story so far.

The party met up at a tavern. They all decided to find a man named Depent who was currently wanted. They decided to leave the city of AmberFalls. They went searching up north in the mountains. They found a monastery, which was under attack by bandits. They couldn’t save the monastery but they did manage to help out the grandmonk who was in charge of the place. After killing the bandits and capturing Depent the Grandmonk asked them if they could take his apprentice Orrian. They agreed and they started heading to Bharboldir to turn in Depent. When they turned him in. They decided to hang around since the Winter Festival started. When they arrived at the fight club suddenly Cultist appeared and somehow teleported them to the Fade.

There they were sent to the Fade the demon realm. After escaping the guardian of the Fade a black dragon. They found a map of the place which also led to a cabin. They went to the cabin and met up with a Tiefling female named Seliph. After some… fun they escaped the Fade. They were back in the grassfields west of TimberHold. They eventually when to the city and met up with one of their original party members Scrots McBelchum. They partied and bit and was told to go to a cave southeast of TimberHold, which supposedly held a sword of great power. They went to the cave to find nothing but two cloaked men. One fled the area and the other fought the party. They defeated the man and found out it was a man named Jericho.

They went back to TimberHold and told Jericho everything that happened so far.



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